Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sixfigureyearly is REAL business!

If you’ve been surfing the Internet for money-making program, I’m sure you’ve come across many bold claims such as the one you see in the product “Six Figure Yearly“. Normally, when I see such claim, I will either close my browser or click the back button.

But Six Figure Yearly somehow caught my attention because it’s rated the #1 product by many home business review sites. It’s also the #1 product in Clickbank. It’s the top product in clickbank because it has a very LOW refund rate and very HIGH gravity. This means people are making money with this product and are satisfied with it. So the positive stats make me curious to explore this program in more details. So I bought it and here is my full review for this product.

So what is Six Figure Yearly program?

In a nutshell, Six Figure Yearly is a step by step instructions (based on the actual experiences of the author) showing you how to make money on the Internet. You’ll learn the exact formula used by the author to create residual income streams online. Most IMPORTANTLY, you’ll also learn how to diversify your income streams.

Many people make the mistake by not diversifying their income stream. For example, they’ve created a system that makes $10 a day and then they get rid of it because they feel it’s not wort their time and effort. Inside Six Figure Yearly, they will teach you how to think bigger and how to easily multiply your income stream. Imagine if you can diversify and easily make 10 more streams each earns $10 a day, that is $100 a day or $3,000 a month or $36,000 a year.

That’s how people reach their income goals of $1,000 or more a day. And you’ll learn how to do this inside the Six Figure Yearly program. Of course all these will take a bit of TIME and consistent WORKS. There is simply NO free lunch here and this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. If you want that kind of money, you just have to invest your time, follow the RIGHT instructions and put in consistent works. There is no other way!

The things I like about the Six Figure Yearly program:

◦The methods outlined are based on real experiences that work. By following a proven formula, you save a lot of time going through trial and errors.
◦The framework or methods used by this program is duplicable and multipliable. In my personal opinion, this is what sets the program apart from others. This is how successful people create BIG incomes and the good news is that you’ll be using the same formula with Six Figure Yearly.
◦It provides three options for you to get started and build your first income stream on day 1.
◦The program is applicable to everyone. It doesn’t matter where your location is. As long as you can read English and follow a step by step instructions (and have a PC and internet connection of course), then you can learn how to make money using the Six Figure Yearly program.
◦The bonus package is good. They complement the methods being taught and provide great value.
◦No questions asked money back guarantee for 56 days. So you’ve got nothing to lose here. Try it, love it or refund it

The things I don’t like about the Six Figure Yearly program:

◦The first 5 chapters are BORING! The first few chapters talk about why you need to change your mindset and what are the benefits of using this program or system. Well, if you’ve never read a personal development book before, perhaps you won’t find it boring. But personally, I felt bored because I prefer author who cuts to the chase immediately. Fortunately, all these initial chapters are very SHORT! The main stuffs (what you pay for to learn) starts on chapter 6 onwards.
◦The program needs time for it to prove its WORTH and it needs consistent works from you. The main idea of the system is to teach you to create ‘autopilot’ income streams, but you need to take time to learn and then start DOING, DOING and DOING… until your income streams become automated. Based on my own experience, most people expect instant gratification, they don’t like to do works that produce only little result initially. That’s why most people will quit after few weeks or months.
◦Some learning curve. If you’ve never done internet marketing before, expect some learning curve. It’s NOT very difficult to learn the system but it does require you to sit down, focus, learn and apply.
Overall the Six Figure Yearly program delivers what it’s promised. It lays out everything for you (no stones left unturned). Some people may experience great success using this system but others won’t. It depends on how bad do you want to make your dream comes true! If you’ve a strong determination or ambition, most likely you’ll find success with this program.

So if you think you’ve a strong drive, I strongly suggest you to give the Six Figure Yearly program a GO! visit: